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bln palao abogados is a boutique firm with more than ten years of experience in issues related to foreign trade, customs, indirect and environmental taxation.

In an increasingly globalized world, our clients face the need to make choices such as the location of their business, their production centers, or their suppliers.

All these decisions have a clear fiscal and customs impact and therefore, in bln palao abogados We help our clients by analyzing their needs, in order to propose areas of improvement and reduce tax and customs inefficiencies, which may represent a hidden cost, both from an economic and administrative or management point of view.

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specialized in foreign trade and taxation

International trade is complicated and plagued by unforeseen regulatory, logistical and financial obstacles. bln palao abogados has the experience and expertise to help you navigate the waters of international trade, ensuring compliance with national and international regulations.

The proven experience of bln palao abogados allows us to have a unique approach in the market and focus on strategic, tactical and operational advice on customs and foreign trade matters.

We have a network of independent offices worldwide similar to ours, which provides us with the possibility of providing global advice, being a reference in the sector.

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Customs and Foreign Trade

We have extensive experience working in multiple sectors and we have a network of international offices and collaborators with proven experience in this matter. This deep knowledge on the subject allows our clients to control their supply chain as well as reduce or defer the tax impact on their commercial exchanges.

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We have extensive experience in multiple sectors, which allows us to have a transversal and strategic vision of indirect taxation, both national and international, in order to improve cash flows and control tax costs, reducing or eliminating any type of tax risk.

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Export Control

We have expert advisors on export controls, both in terms of products subject to dual-use control and defense products. To this end, we have a network of external collaborators with proven experience, which allows us to advise clients at both a national and European level and focus on multinational projects.

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Special taxes

We work closely with government agencies that regulate excise and environmental taxes. With the focus on reducing the negative impact generated by the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and energy products, excise taxes and environmental taxation become relevant in your business, and our services allow you to control these taxes and mitigate the tax costs associated with them. these figures.

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Energy and Environment

As a consequence of the appearance of new tax figures of an environmental nature, we have developed a unique practice in this matter that affects the tax on non-reusable plastic containers, the tax on fluorinated greenhouse gases and the carbon border adjustment mechanism. Additionally, we have extensive experience in energy taxation (tax on electricity, tax on the value of electricity production, carbon tax, etc.).

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